Do it because you want to, not because you have to!

Yes, the title tells it all. In a way, grad school is a challenge and a difficult one. To take it up or not, is completely our choice and none of the choice is bad. The only thing which needs to be kept in mind is how interested we are in doing so. This piece of information may not be a new one and must have been told several times, but is of high importance.

As a student we all aspire to do great things. Our academic knowledge thrusts us to ask us a lot of questions and we go to the graduate school to find answers to these questions. We may be fueled by the Sci-Fi movies that we see, Well, that might be true, get fascinated by the great achievements of several scientists. But what we tend to ignore is the path they took to get those achievements.Most of the times we need to depend on stern and  rigorous means to achieve our goals. Therefore, when one chooses to be in a graduate school, one must know the challenges that lies ahead. As the quotes reads, “A smooth sea never makes a good sailor”, one should not be scared of this, rather take it as a challenge. There is no greater satisfaction than completing the challenge.

There are several factors which cross our head while we make this choice. The most important prey that I have faced in this regard is peer pressure from both sides. You are torn between what is practically right and what you are really interested. Although, every person has a different situation and they should choose according to their situation; it is also true that eventually your interests are what that matters the most. May be, practically, at that particular time, it will be hard to chose your interest but eventually it will be more effective. This brings to another aspect and that is time. There is no harm in taking time to make your decision and understand what you actually want . Life is good both ways and regretting later, is not very beneficial.

As one of my college-mate puts down, the lab has been like her mate and that their  relation is a love-hate one. Thus, like any other relation, it needs efforts to maintain this relation and will be rewarding, eventually.  You need to love what you are doing and love begets happiness and happiness, they say, needs to be pursued. (philosophy duh! wait, but it is called doctor of philosophy!! Umm…) But the reality is, making the right choice is necessary.  Also, we need to bear in mind that things being hard is different from not liking a thing.

Make the right turn and the destination would be just around the corner…