House wife

She wakes up before the sun-rise,

To make others in the family healthy, wealthy and wise

She goes to bed putting everyone to sleep tight,

But still she is “just” a house-wife.


She is a mother, she is a daughter, and she is wife,

She is the centre of the world of life.

She doesn’t have any holiday or any rewards,

She keeps working without any conditions,

Yet she is “just” a house-wife.


From morning to night, she thinks of her family,

And never thinks of herself

She is like the moon in the sky,

Whose light is faint and cold but clear and soothing

Still she is “just” a house-wife.

THE PERFORMANCE- attempt to write my first children story

Once upon a time in the jungles of Africa, lived the King of the Jungle with his son Ryan. Ryan was a very playful Lion cub. He used to have shower in the spring nearby, played with his friend and listen to stories from his father. One day a group of people from the American Zoo came to the jungle. They had guns in their hand and they were looking for animals for keeping them in their zoo. Ryan as usual went to play with his friends but today he went little ahead of his usual area. The zoo people found him and caught him. Ryan roared but he was too young to roar as loud as his father. Ryan was put in a cage and was taken away from the jungle.

Ryan was now big and stout. His roar was loud and forceful.  He was now the star of the New York Zoo. People came from far to see his performance. He was good with people and people loved him. He made a lot of friends in the zoo. Garry, the giraffe; was his best friend. Garry lived in the arena just beside Ryan. They were good friends. Garry always wanted to go out and have fun. One day Garry by mistake got into the rescue boxes that were meant to bring animals from the wild and got stuck there. Ryan ran behind him and he himself got stuck in another box. The boxes were kept on a ship and the ship sailed in the Atlantic.

There was a heavy storm in the Atlantic. The ship got wrecked and Ryan somehow got onto the wooden planks of the box and floated on the water. After few days, Ryan reached a shore. It was a small and strange place. The vegetation in these lands was also different. Ryan was hungry now. He didn’t have anything for the past few days. He began his search for food. Suddenly he came across a pride of lion. They were very powerful. They ruled that area. Ryan didn’t know how to hunt so he had to stay with him for food. In beginning none of them liked him but eventually everyone started liking him. The females in the pride were especially fond of Ryan after he had saved them from a group of people. Even though Ryan didn’t know to hunt he very well knew how to deal with people.

Days passed. The males of the pride started disliking Ryan due to his growing popularity. They decided to oust him out of the group. One day they called Ryan and said that he was not of any help and if he wanted to stay with them he had to bring water in the place which according to them was impossible. Now Ryan was to break the dam nearby the village to bring water to that region. So he went to that area and began thinking how he can do it. In these days of his solitude, he made many friends who used to come near the dam to drink water. He made friends with Martha monkey, viper snake, timothy the elephant and to his surprise he met Garry, his old friend. He was very happy. Now they all began thinking how to get water into the area.

One fine day, Garry came up with an idea. He reminded Ryan that his greatest strength was his performance and he must use it to break the dam. Then, Martha monkey bend the tree branches across the dam and viper snake tied them together. Ryan then could reach upto the dam. He danced and danced on it with all his force and all the animals rejoiced in happiness. And at one point the dam broke and water came gushing into the lands. Ryan was back into the pride and the other lions now had only respect for Ryan. The great performance and great bonding of Ryan and his friends made him successful. 


The time is around 11:00 pm and I m sitting in my room browsing. Like every other student, I opened my facebook and was going through the notifications. Only then did I see the NIUS-experiences by Mrityunjay bhaiyya and Anurag bhaiyya. I read through and I drifted and all my own experiences flashed across my mind.

I scored the highest marks in a chemistry quiz, seeing that my instructor had asked me to apply for the NIUS-program. It was almost the last day that I sent the application. I was not at all sure of this. Like everyone else had mentioned in their experience about the prejudice about engineering, I too had the same feeling. By my teacher’s grace I got selected and for the first time, I went for a science camp oriented for doing research and that too by undergrads. I was thrilled and excited. It was hard to leave home as it was the first time that I was coming back from hostel after nearly 5 months (staying away from home from the first time). I reached Mumbai-the city of dreams as all say and HBCSE.

The place itself had a feeling that makes you feel graced for being there. In the camp, there were students from many parts of the country. Somehow all the girls in the group came together and we all bonded very well. We used to attend lectures in the morning; although many parts of the lectures went above our heads, we could get the essence of all. We used to discuss our lectures in the evening and then after dinner we used to talk and chat a lot. The days soon got over and I miss those days till now, some of the best days of my life. During that period I stayed with Ashina didi and everyday when I used to go to room, I used to see her doing her work, reading through papers; which gave me a flavor of how things are to be done. Learning can be done from anywhere only that you have to take up the opportunity; the first thing NIUS taught me. While leaving HBCSE, I went through the Mankhurd station road. There is a Ram temple over there.  I prayed to God to shower his blessings so that I get selected and I did get selected.

In my first summer, I studied a lot of literature. It was the first time in my life that I was actually going through this process. Many a times, I got jammed and tried to solve my problems. But the one most required thing that I didn’t do was speaking out my problems. I had problems, everyone has but I didn’t speak. I tried to cover them up. But still my mentor Indrani ma’m never gave up on me and she always kept pursuing me. Keeping up patience is a great thing in science and keeping up this, working hard and determinately, is a key to success. My second most important lesson form NIUS. I completed my first phase of work in NIUS.

I always looked up to people like Rohit bhaiyya. I always used to hear about him in my college but didn’t have a chance to get to know him. I used to see him and I realized that doing something whole-heartedly is very much essential for keeping up the spirits of the work. I use to see all my immediate seniors working hard and never giving up. Although unfortunately many of my fellow batch-mates had left, but these people and some of my own friends gave me the spirits to be back and not leave. Whatever it was, the days were enjoyable. The ice-cream parlor visits, where Ashna di, Sheetal di and Juhi di used to give me and Kajari the boost for working for the next day; the chit-chat during lunch breaks and tea-breaks with Tejal di, Sonali di and kavita di were all memorable.


Mumbai, the city of skyscrapers; the city of India that never sleeps… city of dreams and opportunities….Victoria Terminus and the Gateway of India, a little far away… It was nearly 4:00 in the morning and my train was about to reach Mumbai-CST (Chatrapati Shivaji Rail Terminus). I just got up from my sleep and got ready to get down. It was the first time, I was visiting this city. I was especially excited because this is the city that is very close to me yet far, may be for many of the T.V buffs too  because most of the shoots and stories of the T.V shows are located in and based on Mumbai. It was early in the morning and I stepped onto CST. What a feeling it was… I was overwhelmed to see the city awake even at this time of the day… It was amazing and exciting as well.

It was weekend and I was feeling bored after tiring work in the lab. So in spite of the strict instructions from my parents not to go out alone, I had to step out. I had mixed feelings. I was thrilled to go out all alone in a new place, I had never been before and little frightened as well. I left Mankhurd station and came to CST. One of friends who was also doing summer project in Mumbai had come to receive me. Now, I was only thrilled as he was there with me.

We had our breakfast in Hotel Canon, the one which I had seen in a TV commercial. To taste Pav-Bhaji that too in this place was like out of this world. Then came the best part of Mumbai- Marine Drive… I don’t know which thing- the drizzle, the cold breeze, the water, the vast stretch, mesmerizing look of the city, made it more magical but it was like I had reached zenith.  It was a feeling that I never had in my life before. It was so serene and soothing. I felt like standing there and look at the sea and do nothing. The rain drops made it even more special. People chatted and laughed their hearts out, there were even marriage proposals. Everyone was immersed in themselves. And that is why even in midst of so many people I felt calm and soothing. I wished I could be there forever and that magical moment never ends. This is a place I always go whenever I m in Mumbai. It heals me, ushers in me hope and revives me.

There were lot of places in and around Mumbai and I enjoyed every part of it. The city had a magic in it. Not every part of the city was as magical as Marine drive but still the city has spirits in high amounts. I know every city has its spirits but somehow the spirits of this city reaches upto its people and remains with them forever. Mumbai, the city of dreams…many articles written, many songs sung  yet with your eyes you see it a new way and this makes Mumbai stand out.  It is ambitious and passionate. It offers you many things yet immerses you in itself. Mumbai, a quest, it makes everyone to follow it and reach upto it and once you are there, it spells you into magic you can never break. Mumbai, an unforgettable wish….


The cold breeze on the face, droplets of rain tickling the cheeks, loosely tied hairs flattering in wind, pleasant smell of the wet mud, melodies playing and a moving bus… forgetting everything in the world, enjoying the bliss in the moment, I felt very special and the music I was listening to made me feel even more special. Screech and the bus halted, I reached my destination and the journey was over… I almost felt it is a film scene and I am the central character of the film, in her introductory scene.

Every day as I go home from the lab, my heart feels so good. It gives me a new life, a strength that at the end of the day I m going to under kind shade of my parents. And this delight acts as the fuel for my imagination to take off.

Taken from a side view, the camera focusing on the main character of the film defining her beauty and importance, this scene will get connected to many viewers; the director of the films may feel. I don’t know about all but definitely it connected with me. I didn’t want to prove it to someone that I was special or beautiful but somehow it gave me a feeling that cannot be expressed but just be felt.


This is a poem written by Harsh.V.Dwivedi…. Very happy to say that the idea of the poem was inspired by me…so here it is…

Life is the answer…

Life is the answer, don’t panic in vain,

If tonight there is no moon, your heart feels pain,

Don’t curse the night just realize the stars,

May be your ignorance is tearing them apart.

Life is the answer, don’t narrow your thoughts,

The pleasure of rain, is defined by the agony of droughts.

As the presence of light is useless without the dark,

If life is a cuisine, the mistakes are salt.

Life is the answer, mark your presence,

Wherever you go, spread your sweet essence.

Happiness is a genie, who lies on our palm,

He stays or he leaves, your wish – his command.

Life is the answer, and the answers will come,

Why you suffer, before any trial has begun.

I share with you, perhaps no truth so lame,

To pick happiness, is the goal of  His game.

Now you lie on your death-bed, waiting to perish,

Searching moments, from your life to cherish.

Music was on, never realized you were the dancer,

You kept putting questions, when itself life was the answer.

It is said that the human society, differs from the other societies for they human beings as we are called (wonder, why so!) are the only self beings who has a conscience. What is a conscience and what role does it play in these humans is a question which I m too young to answer to it or may be even at 60 years of my age I would be saying the same thing. But this whatever thing in humans is, make things more complicated, this adds things like feelings, sentiments, expectations, emotions and guilt in us. 

Situations change with time and so do people. Adaptation as it is said, is the most important tool for survival. But, this adaptation, is it so easy? May be not. But it is again a universally accepted fact that the more fast and easily you adapt yourself to the condition, the more better you feel. Why aren’t things permanent? may be because this is what is termed to be movement in life. Then, why is it so hard to move on…  why does it that one day someone’s sobs aren’t that meaningful any more, whose smile meant the world? Killing aren’t they?!

Somewhere there is a pool of calmness, somewhere there is a blooming flower of love, somewhere there is lightening of happiness and somewhere there is long, silent loneliness…but who bothers… every one has their share.. replacements are done and things are no more the same. But, isn’t it true that everyone has some role to play in life and then finally there is the adaptation business….!!!

But, sincere thanks that there are certain things that remain permanent all through the life….