As each day passed, Anna’s curiosity kept on increasing. Was it true that she felt? She was just being introduced to this world, the world of questioning, reasoning, excitement… They were tiny, mobile and transparent yet they were there. She could very much see them but she didn’t say this to anyone. She kept it to herself. But always these things excited her…what are these that she was seeing? She thought they must be those that she was being taught in her class; micro-organisms, some of them round with flagella, some stationary and transparent.  But her teacher told her that they couldn’t be seen with naked eyes then what were those, that she was seeing.  Thinking about these over and over again and rubbing her eyes, she went into slumber.

Next day morning as she woke up, she rubbed her eyes and again in front of her was those, tiny, mobile objects about which she fascinated all this time. Now, her eyes were wide open and she could no more see her fantasies. She got ready for the school and started for school. She didn’t talk to anybody nor was she interested in knowing anybody else’s stories. She was just drowned in her own thoughts. As her school bus passed by, her eyes suddenly caught the attention of tiny, round bubbles. A man was dipping a small stick like thing in some kind of solution and was blowing through it and she could see that fantastical round, transparent bubbles coming out. They gleamed with different colors in sunlight. She felt excited about what she saw.  The whole day passed and Anna almost forgot all about this when she started playing with friends. But as dusk fell and she was alone on her bed, her thoughts went back to her fantasies that she had felt. Those transparent things, those gleaming bubbles…..yawn and the lights went off.

The chart with a microscope diagram was hung on the wall and the teacher was explaining the basic principles of microscopy; its invention, uses. Anna was listening carefully. She knew that those objects that she saw were visible only under a microscope but exceptionally she could see them with her naked eyes. Now another thought strike her. Was she having eyes as powerful as the microscope? Was she a wonder girl? She had seen many super heroes and wonder-women in the cartoon series with exceptional power. Was she a wonder-woman? She felt excited and top of the world but still kept this to herself. Yawn…she slept. But today, before sleeping she didn’t rub her eyes. Her microscopy eyes didn’t saw those micro-organisms…

The Girl in the White Dress

The girl in the white dress:

She was walking smoothly and elegantly like a deer on the moors. She held an umbrella in one hand and was trying to hide her face with it. It was a bright sunny day and her white dress reflected the light making her more visible in the crowd. She was thin but healthy and carried a small, funky, black colored back clung to her broad shoulders. She had small hairs, which grazed on her neck. They were nicely combed and it seemed that, they were enhanced by application of some kind of enhancement product.  She put a small hair-clip on her hair which was colorful and bright.

She finally came to the stand. Now, that she was under the shed she closed Umbrella and her bright face was now visible. She had beautifully stretched eyes and a small forehead. Some strands of her hair, often came on to her face and she removed them gently with her tender fingers. Her lips were red like cherries and it seemed like she had put lip-stick. She wore two diamond studs on her ears and also wore a chain with a small locket of diamond. The diamonds gleamed and added to the extra-attention on her.

I did not know her nor did I know her name. But I wished I could know her name. I thought how I would start a chat with her. I gazed at her continuously and all the beautiful things on this earth came on to my mind. She was sitting there like an afternoon sun, bright but beautiful. Suddenly, my vision was blocked and the next moment she was not there. She went in the bus that came. I remained the other side of the road, wondering, amazed and in despair.