To find the right motivation!

As the graduate school starts, one has to find the right motivation to pursue. What I mean by right motivation here is the right way to approach a problem or a customised way of handling one’s priorities. Each person is unique and have their own way of understanding things. There is no specified way of doing things in a Ph.D. Each one has various motivations in life; to fulfill one’s ambition, to reach a particular position, to earn a good name, to be successful, etc. but they will not be the same for all. One has to choose his/her approach, based on one’s own motivation. And thus comparing is not worth it. The ultimate aim of the whole process is to gain knowledge and rediscover oneself.

I always felt good if things happened orderly and met the set goals. Thus, when I lag behind my schedule or failed to deliver on time, it bothers me and I lose my motivation. On the other hand my friend, Sudeshna, never had this constriction. She was more bent on getting the final set of results as opposed to the small set goals in the project. The approach to get to a final point is different for both of us and if we try to step into each other’s shoes then it will not be right. Having said this, there must be a striking balance that must be maintained in order to keep the track smooth.

Therefore let us discover ourselves in our own way. Eventually, we will come to know of our strengths and shortcomings. We will know what we absolutely do not like and how we want to project our self.  Ultimately,  “who can know me better than myself!”

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