THE PERFORMANCE- attempt to write my first children story

Once upon a time in the jungles of Africa, lived the King of the Jungle with his son Ryan. Ryan was a very playful Lion cub. He used to have shower in the spring nearby, played with his friend and listen to stories from his father. One day a group of people from the American Zoo came to the jungle. They had guns in their hand and they were looking for animals for keeping them in their zoo. Ryan as usual went to play with his friends but today he went little ahead of his usual area. The zoo people found him and caught him. Ryan roared but he was too young to roar as loud as his father. Ryan was put in a cage and was taken away from the jungle.

Ryan was now big and stout. His roar was loud and forceful.  He was now the star of the New York Zoo. People came from far to see his performance. He was good with people and people loved him. He made a lot of friends in the zoo. Garry, the giraffe; was his best friend. Garry lived in the arena just beside Ryan. They were good friends. Garry always wanted to go out and have fun. One day Garry by mistake got into the rescue boxes that were meant to bring animals from the wild and got stuck there. Ryan ran behind him and he himself got stuck in another box. The boxes were kept on a ship and the ship sailed in the Atlantic.

There was a heavy storm in the Atlantic. The ship got wrecked and Ryan somehow got onto the wooden planks of the box and floated on the water. After few days, Ryan reached a shore. It was a small and strange place. The vegetation in these lands was also different. Ryan was hungry now. He didn’t have anything for the past few days. He began his search for food. Suddenly he came across a pride of lion. They were very powerful. They ruled that area. Ryan didn’t know how to hunt so he had to stay with him for food. In beginning none of them liked him but eventually everyone started liking him. The females in the pride were especially fond of Ryan after he had saved them from a group of people. Even though Ryan didn’t know to hunt he very well knew how to deal with people.

Days passed. The males of the pride started disliking Ryan due to his growing popularity. They decided to oust him out of the group. One day they called Ryan and said that he was not of any help and if he wanted to stay with them he had to bring water in the place which according to them was impossible. Now Ryan was to break the dam nearby the village to bring water to that region. So he went to that area and began thinking how he can do it. In these days of his solitude, he made many friends who used to come near the dam to drink water. He made friends with Martha monkey, viper snake, timothy the elephant and to his surprise he met Garry, his old friend. He was very happy. Now they all began thinking how to get water into the area.

One fine day, Garry came up with an idea. He reminded Ryan that his greatest strength was his performance and he must use it to break the dam. Then, Martha monkey bend the tree branches across the dam and viper snake tied them together. Ryan then could reach upto the dam. He danced and danced on it with all his force and all the animals rejoiced in happiness. And at one point the dam broke and water came gushing into the lands. Ryan was back into the pride and the other lions now had only respect for Ryan. The great performance and great bonding of Ryan and his friends made him successful. 

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