This is a poem written by Harsh.V.Dwivedi…. Very happy to say that the idea of the poem was inspired by me…so here it is…

Life is the answer…

Life is the answer, don’t panic in vain,

If tonight there is no moon, your heart feels pain,

Don’t curse the night just realize the stars,

May be your ignorance is tearing them apart.

Life is the answer, don’t narrow your thoughts,

The pleasure of rain, is defined by the agony of droughts.

As the presence of light is useless without the dark,

If life is a cuisine, the mistakes are salt.

Life is the answer, mark your presence,

Wherever you go, spread your sweet essence.

Happiness is a genie, who lies on our palm,

He stays or he leaves, your wish – his command.

Life is the answer, and the answers will come,

Why you suffer, before any trial has begun.

I share with you, perhaps no truth so lame,

To pick happiness, is the goal of  His game.

Now you lie on your death-bed, waiting to perish,

Searching moments, from your life to cherish.

Music was on, never realized you were the dancer,

You kept putting questions, when itself life was the answer.