It is said that the human society, differs from the other societies for they human beings as we are called (wonder, why so!) are the only self beings who has a conscience. What is a conscience and what role does it play in these humans is a question which I m too young to answer to it or may be even at 60 years of my age I would be saying the same thing. But this whatever thing in humans is, make things more complicated, this adds things like feelings, sentiments, expectations, emotions and guilt in us. 

Situations change with time and so do people. Adaptation as it is said, is the most important tool for survival. But, this adaptation, is it so easy? May be not. But it is again a universally accepted fact that the more fast and easily you adapt yourself to the condition, the more better you feel. Why aren’t things permanent? may be because this is what is termed to be movement in life. Then, why is it so hard to move on…  why does it that one day someone’s sobs aren’t that meaningful any more, whose smile meant the world? Killing aren’t they?!

Somewhere there is a pool of calmness, somewhere there is a blooming flower of love, somewhere there is lightening of happiness and somewhere there is long, silent loneliness…but who bothers… every one has their share.. replacements are done and things are no more the same. But, isn’t it true that everyone has some role to play in life and then finally there is the adaptation business….!!!

But, sincere thanks that there are certain things that remain permanent all through the life….