I was trying to fix those pieces, collecting each one of them carefully from the floor. It was a whole marble floor and they were shining due to the reflection of sunlight that hit the floor through the open windows. It was my favorite mirror and I had to fix it by any means. It was not the same, how hard I try…there were cracks in it, visible to me and pinching me, for I wanted it to be the same as before. Disheartened and depressed, I went to the common room. “Rishtey Sheeshe jaise hote hain, agar ek bar toot jayen toh daraarein reh jaate hain”, was the thing I heard from one of the leading ladies of a famous Hindi serial which was being played in the T.V. It meant that relationships are like glass, once broken, the cracks remain forever…

I went back to my room. My room-mates were sleeping. It was dark and the fan was on its full speed. There was a soft, empty bed in front of me and no option left for me other than lying on that cozy thing. But I wasn’t sleepy nor did I want to. Then, my mind took a flight and landed onto the land of thoughts concerning my mirror and all that I heard about it just few minutes earlier. I first visualized my broken mirror with cracks all over it and then recalled the words that the lady in that idiot box told. I questioned to myself, “Are these relations really as fragile as glass? Do they break very easily? And even if they get patched up, the cracks remain?”

Then the tinsel box in my head engaged itself in answering the questions raised. It recalled of many incidents and several situations where the words were proved right. My eyes did witness many such cases and my ears heard such things over and over again. Due, one small word there is so much misunderstanding that, people forget all the good things they once had and they leave everything for a small cause. Breaking is something is very much easier than building up something. All these were going on in my mind and eyes slowly were closing; may be due to the perfect surrounding I was present. And finally, I couldn’t listen what my mind kept on saying.

I got up only after listening to the phone ring. I was still sleepy and my mom called me. I was little irritated and she little worried. Then clash of words started in between us and I cut the call. I was upset because this was the one of the many times that this thing was happening with me on that day. Then all the words that I heard and was thinking before I was sleeping came into my mind and the disappointment in me increased. I began thinking that is our relation the same or things have changed. Does mom loves me the same or I have the same respect for her. Did our relation get a crack? I was worried for I didn’t want that to happen. I was worried, angry and confused. Then, suddenly the phone rang again and I saw that mom was calling. I immediately picked up the call and two voices at once spoke sorry. All my worries, thoughts were gone and there was only smile on my face. My mom told me a lot of sweet things and I was very happy. Nothing but peace was there in my mind.

Whatever it was I realized one thing from all these things that the relations may be like glass but love is much stronger than all other things. A relation bonded by true love is stronger than glass. Even it falls down many times there will not be any cracks in them. Love is above all and everything. There is nothing beyond it. It is the universal language spoken by eyes and heard by heart and can be understood by everyone sooner or later.