The Girl in the White Dress

The girl in the white dress:

She was walking smoothly and elegantly like a deer on the moors. She held an umbrella in one hand and was trying to hide her face with it. It was a bright sunny day and her white dress reflected the light making her more visible in the crowd. She was thin but healthy and carried a small, funky, black colored back clung to her broad shoulders. She had small hairs, which grazed on her neck. They were nicely combed and it seemed that, they were enhanced by application of some kind of enhancement product.  She put a small hair-clip on her hair which was colorful and bright.

She finally came to the stand. Now, that she was under the shed she closed Umbrella and her bright face was now visible. She had beautifully stretched eyes and a small forehead. Some strands of her hair, often came on to her face and she removed them gently with her tender fingers. Her lips were red like cherries and it seemed like she had put lip-stick. She wore two diamond studs on her ears and also wore a chain with a small locket of diamond. The diamonds gleamed and added to the extra-attention on her.

I did not know her nor did I know her name. But I wished I could know her name. I thought how I would start a chat with her. I gazed at her continuously and all the beautiful things on this earth came on to my mind. She was sitting there like an afternoon sun, bright but beautiful. Suddenly, my vision was blocked and the next moment she was not there. She went in the bus that came. I remained the other side of the road, wondering, amazed and in despair.



Disclaimer: These are purely my feelings and experience. It is just my opinion and never meant to be imposed on anyone

Often, some situations pop up where I fail to do something or I am wrongly taken by the person in front of me. Rage, anger, unparliamentarily words…all sorts of unpleasant behavior imposed on me.  Now, I have two choices, either I bear all that or give away whatever I got. Often, it such happens that I bear with all these but sometimes I even give back, depending on my state of mind.

A gush of blood flows into each and every capillary, more than what it actually do…The head feels heavy, heart beats faster than usual and the face turns red. The brain starts generating all the negative impulses and I feel like ripping apart the person responsible for the cause. Now, the choice comes. Either I give way for my mouth or hands to perform or my eyes to perform the rest. When my mouth starts performing, all the negative impulses generated by the brain, come out and mix with air. My  brain gets relaxed that the energy it has used for generating all those feelings have been utilized and I are actually successful in generating the same feeling that the other person has generated in I just a while ago. But if I chose the other thing, my lachrymal glands use the energy to produce tears. Slowly, with the tears flowing, the energy is totally finished and I calm down. Once I calm down, my brain starts thinking rationally and thus I realize the cause and finally get convinced that I did very right in staying calm.

Now, the point to ponder is that one is right, giving away or bearing. Whenever I tried to give back, I experienced a bitter experience for at that moment I feel light but later  my conscience always points me that this has just created a crack in the mirror which will never be repaired and made as same as before. But, instead if I stayed calm at that moment, my head fills with a dualism and turns out to be a battlefield. But finally, peace fills in my head. Even the person in front thinks and everything gets sorted out. ‘O my God! Such an experience’; never again should we face such a situation, we think and finally things are back to normal.


They flow during the happy and sad times,
Making the eyes moist and the cheeks wet,
They roll down like small round rain drops,
They glow in the shimmering light,
They flow and flow till we feel light.
There were days when they used to flow,
Flow like a spring from top a mountain,
But now the season has changed,
The heat has sore high in the sky,
The spring has now almost died down.
The tears hardly roll down my eyes,
My heart says me that I have become hard,
Now I am grown-up and so I understand things,
But sometimes it is hard, really very hard,
I want to go back to those days where,
At least I had them with me during my days of happiness and sadness…my tears!!!